Friday, November 9, 2007

princess haiku asked about accordions, so i went and found examples of some of my favorites.

astor piazzolla, argentina:

french musette, written by gus viseur:

music from lesotho in africa:

some wonderfuyl old irish:

eastern european (bulgarian):

some rockin' cumbia (from columbia):

forro from brazil:

and of course flaco jimenez and guy klucevsek--i couldn't find a great video for either of them but i did find this great klucevsek sampler.


Princess Haiku said...

Dearest Lotus,
I am touched that you are becoming part of my musical education. I have to get up early for my flute lesson tomorrow morning, so I can't listen tonight. Tomorrow evening I will play and replay these videos. What an eclectic and mysterious person you are. Are you involved with making music?

lotusgreen said...

i can't wait to hear what you say--there are so many different sounds that box can make....

you know, "making music" is probably the only one of the arts i've never been involved with (other than playing clarinet in my high school band!).

but back in the early 80s there were suddenly all of these "world music" shows on the radio. i went nuts for it. i got so i had the entire weekly schedule for the shows memorized.

this was the first time since high school i had ever been really interested in music. i was doing the magazine at the time, so i started soliciting cds to review, african mainly, but with accordions being a close second.

i should go check my cds sometime to see what i left out--it was fun rounding up those videos!

and i kind of like being described as eclectic and mysterious!

antonia said...

i do like eclecticism too and this is a great selection you made. the piazolla is great and the french one is very charming and the last one my favourite. great.

lotusgreen said...

thanks so much antonia. which last one? the cumbia, or the klucevsek? i have cds in all of these areas and the music seems such a part of me now.

Princess Haiku said...

How interesting and eclectic this assortment of music is. I think I like the French the most. Thanks for this post, Lotus.

antonia said...

the forro one. yes i can very well understand how music becomes a part of one, I am the same.