Sunday, May 27, 2007


i would like to point out in the three larger prints above two booksellers: he has a square- shaped brown hat and a white beard; she has a cape, an orange skirt, and a scarf on her head which we see as at least partly white.

in the images on the left we see him, again and again. in the images on the right, we see her.

they, together or individually, are shown as being in different spots in relation to the church each time. i don't know what to make of that, but i find these recurring characters, unnamed, and, perhaps, till now unremembered, fascinating. little did they know that over 100 years later, they would still be being talked about.

are there any other repeat characters? the man with the funny hat? do you see any more?

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Princess Haiku said...

Hi Lotusgreen,

These are charming drawings of Paris. Very nice post. I have been busy with the holiday week-end thing. Take care.

Delphine R2M said...

If I have some time, I send you some picture of the nowaday booksellers who are not so different, at the same places!

lotusgreen said...

thanks princess--i'm delighted to have come across them!

delphine!! that would be wonderful! thank you!

Suzanne said...

Are you familiar with the wordless children's book, Anno's Journey? It features similar illustrations with the same rider on horseback traveling through each page, covering all kinds of historic ground (from medieval towns to more modern cities). I used to be a bookseller when indep. stores could compete a little better, so I like what you've posted.

lotusgreen said...

hi suzanne. what indie bookstore did you have? i've followed fairly closely the plight over the years (i used to publish an 'indie' mag that the chains wouldn't touch). it's an astonishing, crying shame.

i suppose it's like anything political -- you're SURE that right & reason will win out. ha!

you may have noticed, i don't frequent this blog too much.