Friday, May 25, 2007

limitless wonders

bibliOdyssey started in 2005, if a 'best new blog' award posted towards the bottom of the page can be believed. since then pk has created a treasure, and a kind of mind-blowing one, at that.

with images from storybooks, anatomy charts, peruvian seashells (or was that japan?), magical weapons, and ancient travels, you are not only entertained: you are taught. though i doubt this was ever his intention, bibliOdyssey offers up fascination and delight, but then suggests you have just learned to research on your own, and you have glimpsed the wealth of resources that are increasingly at our fingertips.

(plus pk turned me on to florizel!)


pk said...

Why thankye Ma'am. And I had added Japonisme to the sidebar before I saw this, honest! Heh.

lotusgreen said...

i know you did! don't you love it when things come out clean like this? by the way, u couldn't find your archives anywhere....?

Snippety Gibbet said...

.........such a beautiful blog!

lotusgreen said...

thank you snippety!

i spend all my time these days over at the other one!